Testimonial:  2016 started out as the worst migraine year I've had in a long, long while.  They were more frequent, more severe and lasted longer than ever before.  A family friend recommended Gill after she had had success with migraine treatment herself.  Gill was very friendly and spent a lot of time in the first session talking about home techniques and how she worked, before she actually started the first treatment. Despite this, I left the first appointment, completely unable to explain to anyone what the appointment was all about or what Gill did. What I do know was that Gill suggested 5 treatments and so (after a little coercion from people at home) I went for the initial 5 treatments.  I figured it might just pay off and besides I had nothing to lose. Each session was pretty similar to the first, the only difference was, I didn't (and still haven't) had a migraine since the first treatment (14 months ago).  I truly was a cynic, but I was wrong, and Gill's treatments really do work, I am completely converted.  I 100% recommend Gill to anyone that has experienced migraines. She really has changed my life.  I can’t imagine how many migraines she has saved me from.   Adrienne Calcroft

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