I WANT TO TREAT KIERAN READ FOR CONCUSSION. And Richie McCaw and any athlete who has had concussion.

I have treated All Blacks successfully in the past. One elite sporting hero was even flown back from Japan because he trusted me and we had such good results previously.

Time is NOT the only healer.

The cranial bones and membranes are supposed to move. After a head knock, often they are not moving well, if at all in some places.

I am known as the head lady in Christchurch – concussion, brain fog, dizziness, migraines......

WHY? Because I love working with the brain and nerves, bones and membranes.

I want to be the paid CranioSacral therapist who travels with the All Blacks on the next Rugby World Cup. It will make a difference in not getting injured, recovery and, long term, what happens when our heroes get old.


For more information about concussion please visit concussion.net.nz.

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