Christina A


I went to Gill with constant nagging headaches, tiredness, anxiety and just feeling miserable.  After first the first session I felt a dramatic improvement and have continued to benefit greatly from each session.  My sleep pattern has returned to normal, I feel at peace with my self and the world, and have not had a headache since.  Gill has also provided me with excellent 'self help' advice.  Christina A.

It is such a privilege to be able to help people: Here is a recent testimonial: "I have suffered from Migraine with aura since I was 3. It has been an absolute struggle throughout my life leading to depression and anxiety. At the end of last year the migraines were more aggressive and happening more often. I was put on many medications Nothing worked. This had me constantly on edge and carrying medication in my pocket waiting for the next attack. I then had a 53Hr migraine. My children and partner were close to calling the hospital. Gill has been nothing short of a miracle for me. From the first time I saw her I instantly felt the difference and I have not had a migraine since that day. I am celebrating 3 months migraine and medication free! My family never thought we would see such amazing results. I really could not be more thankful."      Tamara 

Averil Wells

I was suffering from terrible hormonal migraines after coming off medication in 2011 which meant every month my life would go on stand still for 4-5 days until they passed. My husband had met Gill through a business networking group and decided to make an appointment for me to try something different and see if it helped.

Gill has been treating me since December 2011 and I have experienced NO hormonal headaches. I feel like a new women and I no longer have the anxiety that used to creep up on me every month. Not only has she worked on my migraines, she has helped with neck and back pain which I had been also experiencing.

I have no hesitation with recommending Gill. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with, an absolute gem.

Averil Wells

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