Sue A

My name is Sue A (surname withheld on request). A few years ago I contracted a very bad flu-like virus which developed into Reactive Arthritis.

My GP thought it would clear up after a few months, but it never did. So I had numerous specialist visits/tests, but conventional medicine could not suggest anything for me to take or do to overcome the symptoms I was left with. These included fatigue (which I managed by a daily mid-afternoon "nana nap"!); sore, aching and swollen joints in my feet/knees (I had to buy wide flat "comfy" shoes); very poor circulation so I found it hard to get warm in Winter and my hands and feet were often numb; dry skin; hair breaking and hair loss - I generally felt tired and old before my time!

Then Gill recommended her Cranio-sacral treatments combined with Usana supplements. My health started to immediately improve after just a few Cranio sessions and weeks on the Usana, and a few weeks later the results were dramatic.

I have far more energy (probably even more than before my illness! and thus have dropped the mid-afternoon sleeps); all the aches and pains almost completely disappeared after a few weeks; the swelling in my feet went away (I wear regular shoes again); my skin and hair lost their dryness and my hair has almost totally regrown (the hairdresser can see the effects). Consequently I am far happier and calmer which my children and husband all noticed (this may be the Usana or it may just be a result of feeling well all the time instead of tired and sick!).

I don't know which part of the treatment helped what part of my body - Gill says it was most likely a synergistic effect. I do know that I do not ever want to stop taking the Usana, because when I did miss a few weeks over the holidays my tiredness started to creep back, and life is too short to go back to feeling that way!

I have asked Gill to withhold my surname from her website and public advertising, but am happy for anyone considering working with Gill to ask Gill for my phone number so they can ring me if they want to validate this testimonial.

Sue A

Peter Dougall

I have been recently diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. I had a lot of pain and I was not sleeping well because of it.  I started taking the Usana Procosamine supplement which I hadn't taken for about 4 years.  Within a week I didn't have pain again.  Wow!  Peter Dougall

Anthony Fitzsimons

For a few years I have had pains in my right knee. I had surgery on it to repair and remove cartilage. This was partially successful but deteriorated fairly rapidly. Over the past two years I developed a lot of pain in the knee and when driving, down my shin bone and in my lower hip and buttock. I had it examined by a top orthopaedic surgeon who in his report confirmed the M.R.I. showed “The scan of your spine shows a degree of disc wear at several levels with a right sided disc bulge which could well be producing your right leg pain. Epidural injection often helps with leg pain in these circumstances. Your right knee scan shows quite extensive wear in the outer half of the knee. There is a tear in the cartilage in the inner half of the knee also but given that most of your pain is in the outer side I think that this cartilage tear is probably not your main trouble. It might well be that this wear in the knee would cause enough trouble in the knee to warrant a knee replacement in the future”

My daughter found a therapist who recommended trying Usana's proflavanol C 100. Within 2 weeks I noticed an improvement and within 6 weeks one would have to tell me I had a problem. I can walk freely, no pain, drive perfectly with never a pain and only taking one now each morning.

Now I can walk for miles without fear. Drove to Sligo 300miles in one day without a pain. “I am a new man” with no sideeffects of any description just a relieved man looking forward to next summer for swims, walks etc. Thanks for the new lease of life

Anthony Fitzsimons

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