Behaviour and Attention

Our 10 year old son showed a significant improvement in both behaviour and attention span after sessions with Gill earlier this year.


Leigh Ellis

I am now in my 40's and I have been an amputee for 18 years, I wear an above right knee prosthetic leg. Gill's treatments have helped alleviate pressure point pain, as well as awaken sensation and energy on my right side. After my second session I felt as if I was floating on both my feet. This was a welcome and surprising result. I recommend her to anyone who suffers from having muscle wastage and loss of sensation as a technique to re-synergise the body. I plan to use her treatments as part of my ongoing health regime.

Leigh Ellis

Facial Nerves


My 21 year old daughter suffered a serious head trauma after being hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian.
She spent 22 days in ICU and then months of rehabilitation followed.  She made a remarkable recovery but while in rehab I met Gill at a Wellness Day and was instantly attracted to her professional skills.
My daughter had four sessions with Gill over a 3 week period.  After her time with Gill we noticed an improvement in her facial nerves. After each treatment she felt very relaxed and comfortable similar to a massage. She gave her some techniques to use to relax so healing could continue to take place. We are very glad to have come across Gill to ensure no pressure points which may affect future health.
We can absolutely recommend her services. I think it's important to keep an open mind and to ensure you try everything that comes your way as we often don't know what we don't know.
Thanks Gill. 


Ken couldn't get over how your therapy reduced his swollen ankles - he was able to complete the full week, which was quite amazing considering how hot it was.  Usually standing for a couple of hours in that kind of heat would have blown his ankles, and yet he was able to stand for each 12 hours shift without any difficulty.

Thanks Gill!

Ken Mears

Ear Problems


Ear infections: Just an update on Martin’s situation.  He has been to the Drs today and he was diagnosed as a healthy boy fit for preschool. Who would have said it yesterday?! Thank you.  Misha.




For the past 5 years I have suffered the continual pain of Neuralgia, which is likened to electric jolts in the lower jaw, tongue & lower lip. The pain was hightened by chewing, laughing, yawning & cold winds. My G.P. tried me on medications such as Tegretol & Gabapentin. These medications caused me to have terrible allergic re-actions. I vowed then, not to try any more medications.  I have also had many sessions of acupuncture, without much success.   A friend then suggested that I should try Cranio Therapy with Gill.

I thought it was worth a try.  Well - after 2 sessions, I felt that the pain had moved from my lower lip & tongue, which made it easier to smile again, & it seemed to have moved to the back of my jaw, which meant that I only had pain while eating.  After 2 more Cranial sessions the pain had completely goneWhat a relief!   I have so much to thank Gill for.  If only I had heard about Cranio Sacral Therapy years ago.   Thanks Gill.   Angela Iwikau

Note: The pain came back after 3 months but 2 more sessions and the pain disappeared again.  That was 4 years ago.

Digestive Tract

I came to Gill having had chickenpox throughout my digestive system, with postviral fatigue, IBS and many allergies. I found having a digestive system which did not work and digest food very debilitating.

I found that craniosacral work really helped at reducing pain and improving the function of my digestive system especially my bowel. It is hard to explain but my insides feel as if they are alive and working again.

Gill is also really good at offering suggestions and strategies to selfmaintain and improve your health, which has meant I feel like I have received the power and control over my health.

Overall the improvement in my ability to process and digest food means my body is less tired because it isn’t having to work as hard as before. It allows me to function at a high level in my day to day life. I couldn’t have asked for more. Kate R

Misha, back

Sore back after traumatic birth – the pain has virtually gone in 2 very short sessions. Thanks again Gill. Misha.

Jackie Donn

STIFFNESS, PAIN, ANGER  Dear Gill,  I write to thank you very much for your help as a CranioSacral Therapist.  It has been quite a journey for me, and since your help my health and well- being has gone ahead more than I could have hoped for.  When I came to you I had stiffness and pains in my back and arms that just could not be shifted, I was angry for a good part of my day.  A year ago I had had a bad fall and fractured my coccyx which was also pushed to the left.  Repeated visits to the doctor brought no solution nor relief.  My whole body seemed to have locked up and the pain was relentless, my mobility very poor. I felt as though I was fighting to be able to continue my life with the things I wanted to achieve.   My first visit to you put me on the right road to recovery.  My anger subsided along with some of the pain.   I am delighted with my improvement which is also observed by others. My memory is also a lot better, I am so much calmer, I have gained weight, and most importantly I have hope for the future.  Thank you so much Jackie Donn

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