1                    What is Concussion?

Depending on the amount and direction of the force, vasculature to the brain tears.  Internal bleeding occurs.  Other things are damaged also: neurons, neuronal centres and the glial tissue which supports various brain structures.  Trauma can lead to chronic brain damage/ malfunction.  Symptoms may not show up until later in life. This is referred to as post-concussion syndrome.  

but actually, it only takes a head knock!

2                    What are the Symptoms?  These can be wide ranging – migraines, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, brain fog, nausea, double vision, fatigue, poor sleeping, vomiting, neck pain, nerve problems.  Or seeminly unrelated things such as poor hormonal function or poor concentration and memory.  Emotions such as aggression or irritability, depression, anxiety, apathy may be increased.

3                     What if I am Not Treated?  As seen on the film ‘Concussion’ many retired NFL players have received large payouts due to their terrible health years after their fame.  Many have committed suicide, many suffered depression, anxiety, aggression, many were socially shunned because of their behaviour.  Others progressed to having Alzheimers or Parkinsons or were suffering terrible pain.

4                     Does it Need to be an Actual Concussion? No!  any Head Knock can mean that head bones or membranes may no longer be moving – again potentially leading (sometimes immediately but other times years) to anxiety, depression, brain fog, poor decision-making, dizziness….  studies have shown after a concussion an l hole forms in the membrane which wraps around and protects the brain.  As this mends this then forms scar tissue….

5                     Why Cranio?  A full body treatment approach is necessary.  This is because all the major system in the body (muscles/ bones, nerves, blood, digestive, organs) are enveloped in connective tissue called fascia.  Good tissue shows as flexibility, elasticity, length, resilience.  This tissue absorbs and responds to stress, injury, illness, poor posture, emotional trauma – and such things as medication.  Any of these factors over time cause imbalance in this connective tissue such as being shorter, thicker, fibrotic, dehydrated.  This impairs muscle function, joint mobility and affects the function of organs and systems of the body.  This creates an effect close or far from the original problem.  The body compensates until one day it can’t anymore.  This may lead to pain, decreased flexibility, impaired movement and disease.

6                     Outcomes We Can Hope For:  back to the old you again, concentration is fine, make your own good decisions, keep your job…… Brain, bones, membranes, nerves, organs, all the CranioSacral System moving beautifully again.  Brain healing, less scar tissue….

7                     What Does Gill Redden Crani Do?  We use Cranio techniques which can help to loosen up head bones and surrounding membranes, tailbones, inside the spinal cord, the spine.  Gill has been to Denver for a 4 day brain course which dealt with brain and membranes, and brain/ glial scar tissue.  She has also been to Singapore 4 separate times for nerve courses.  We work the whole body and the CranioSacral system to help the Central Nervous System and the rest of the Nervous System get back up and running smoothly again.  This can potentially help with a reduction in pain and stress, the immune system, sleeping, health and wellbeing.  It is very light touch.

8                     Video Testimonials coming shortly. Other testimonials:

Gill saw me after I had a couple of concussions playing rugby and I was struggling to get better. She was very helpful and her techniques certainly help with my healing. Slightly different and not mainstream Gills ability to help me relax and move fluid around my body as well as help adjust my neck and head muscles was very good.  I would recommend her to anyone having on going issues.

Andy Ellis  Canterbury Crusaders and AllBlack halfback 

After my concussion I had 8 weeks of minor but persistent headaches, spells of nausea and dizziness. It was especially severe after exercise. After one session with Gill my symptoms had decreased considerably. After 5 sessions I feel I'm able to complete rigorous exercise with no side effects.
I wish that I found out about Gill earlier!  Leon M.

I went to see Gill after suffering from a variety of concussion systems after suffering a serious head injury playing Rugby. I was unable to concentrate or think with clarity which affected all aspects of my life. My life had become a daily struggle. I felt there was no way I was ever going to return to normal. Gill's expertise gave me my life back. I felt a sense of relief and clarity instantly and this has continued as months have passed. I am now feel happy and healthy and I am so grateful for Gill's fantastic work!  Mitch Alcock

I visited Gill after I had hit my head.  I had trouble driving, concentrating, I walked around in a fog and I had headaches or pressure most of the time.  I had a series of treatment with Gill and felt increasingly better as we progressed.  After the 1st session I felt that I could drive safely again, pain decreased immediately and I just had a low ache for a few more weeks. After about 5 sessions I felt that I could concentrate enough to attend university lectures.  Thanks Gill.  Athalie S

I sustained concussion, also damaging my neck and spine.  After the first two treatments with Gill, the headaches and acute pains went and after a series of 5 treatments with Gill I felt back to my normal self.  I would highly recommend Gill's healing hands and the amazing Craniosacral Therapy that she offers.   Tanya Harris 

9                     Speaking Engagements:  Gill is very happy to come to speak with your organisation – your coaches, umpires, committee, club and any members, family and friends.  She is keen to continue to get 2 messages out: 1. Concussion and even just head knocks can cause all sorts of problems later on.  Concussion is treatable.  Cranio may hugely help with brain healing and with helping bones and membranes and the CranioSacral system move freely again..  

10                 Gill’s Vision:  for concussion, head trauma, brain injuries and head pain to be treated with Cranio within the hospital system as part of the immediate and then the recovery care package.  Also for Cranio to be the 1st thing thought of by Drs and specialists if someone goes to the Dr for headaches or for other pain.

11                 Research - please go to Ricky Williams foundation - ex NFL players have formed a foundation to help themselves have a better life as they age, after their dazzling careers.  They haveteamed up with the institute which taught me and have so far conducted 2 years of research utilising CranioSacral therapy - outstanding results for pain, sleeping, depression and more.

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