Case Studies

Doctors refer their patients to Gill because she has helped so many achieve huge improvements in their conditions with CST. Here are the stories of some of the people Gill has helped.



Christina had been suffering from constant nagging headaches, sleeplessness and anxiety. She felt a dramatic improvement in her wellness after her first CranioSacral Therapy treatment and has continued to feel the benefits from each session thereafter.

"My sleep pattern has returned to normal...and [I] have not had a headache since." Christina A

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irregular sleepIrregular Sleep Patterns (Insomnia)

Liz had been suffering from insomnia for more than 8 years and relied on taking sleeping tablets most nights so she could function normally during the day and at her fairly stressful job. She hated relying on medication to help her sleep.

Liz saw immediate results after her first CranioSacral Therapy session. She had her first drug-free sleep in years. CranioSacral Therapy provided her with a natural and restorative sleep.

"I have had 3 of these sleep patterns have been revolutionized! I would recommend Gill's service without reservation to anyone suffering the debilitating effects of ongoing insomnia. What have you got to lose?" Liz Hancock

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chronic painChronic Pain

After numerous operations Marion had been in constant pain for years. Tired of taking prescription medicine with limited success to ease her discomfort, she tried CranioSacral Therapy. After one CranioSacral Therapy session the pain in her liver and tummy had reduced by 70%.

"Thank you so much for your caring and professional assistance in getting my health back to 'normal' as well as your assistance in providing me with energetic and emotional support in strengthening my body's immune system.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come to your clinic for assistance in the support and strengthening of their health." Marion Rix

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morning sicknessMorning Sickness

For more than 7 months Tara had experienced sickness during her pregnancy. Her feelings of sickness disappeared and her lack of energy were soon revitalised after a CranioSacral Therapy session.

"I was a skeptic and didn’t feel CranioSacral Therapy would work for me but it did!...I would definitely recommend your services to anyone suffering pregnancy related sickness." Tara Panchmatia

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Alastair had suffered from an unknown severe illness. He had low blood pressure, felt dizzy and lousy. After several CranioSacral Therapy sessions he was mobile again.

"After a short period of treatment...her treatment worked. My only regret is I didn’t discover her earlier." Alistair Stewart

Learn more about how Gill has helped people suffering from dizziness and nausea.


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