Sue Wilkinson


Hi ! I'm Sue. I went to see Gill after a big bladder operation. I was about 5-6 weeks post op, walked into her treatment room doubled over because of cramping and tightness in my abdominal area. I had localised pain and spasm on the right side of my lower abdomen which was making walking and standing straight very uncomfortable. Gill gave me a CranioSacral treatment for 30 mins and I stood up after the treatment and couldn't believe it - the pain and spasm were completely gone! I remained pain-free for the rest of the day and was able to move around with a lot more comfort and ease. The tightness/spasm never returned to that extent again. I was that impressed I told my urology specialist . She said that this one-sided abdominal pain was a common post-operative symptom and she had no way to treat this. She was very grateful for the recommendation.

Sue Wilkinson: physiotherapist.


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