Severe Concussion: For 2 years I suffered headaches 24/7, daily severe migraines, loss of speech, vision, short term memory and extreme mood swings after a severe concussion.  I was doing rehab treatment through ACC but I realized that I would never make a full recovery.  My brain team told me I would never be the same person again.  I had gone from a 19- year old girl studying full time, working part time and training two to three times a day for boxing, to two years of not being to do anything due to this injury.

After my first treatment with Gill, I had the best sleep in two years, because I had no migraines or headaches.  I improved more with each treatment (which was over 5 days). Gill gave me daily exercises to do, and I live for them, because they truly do work.  I still experience tiredness and fatigue but I am able to manage this. 

A short time after my Cranio work I was cleared to go back to part time work. Soon I will be starting full time work then full time study.  Deaan Marchioni (update 8 months later still no pain).

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