Since I was 7 years old I have been a migraine sufferer.  When I was 17 I developed Cluster Migraines and then until 2 years ago my migraines were ever present.  I would lose my sight, vomit occasionally and then be left with a thumping pain over my right eye and the next day couldn't put my head down without the room swimming like a bad hangover! was pretty miserable at that point.  Since the first treatment with Gill I have only had one mild migraine.  I have been migraine free now for 18 months.  Life has changed.  I have gone off the Beta Blockers which has stopped me having low blood pressure which has helped my memory and weight loss.  If you suffer from Migraines, get yourself to changed my life and I hope it does yours.  Di Palmer

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"My 24 hour 7 days a week migraines are now down to but a few. Thank you Gill" - Cate, Christchurch  

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