STIFFNESS, PAIN, ANGER  Dear Gill,  I write to thank you very much for your help as a CranioSacral Therapist.  It has been quite a journey for me, and since your help my health and well- being has gone ahead more than I could have hoped for.  When I came to you I had stiffness and pains in my back and arms that just could not be shifted, I was angry for a good part of my day.  A year ago I had had a bad fall and fractured my coccyx which was also pushed to the left.  Repeated visits to the doctor brought no solution nor relief.  My whole body seemed to have locked up and the pain was relentless, my mobility very poor. I felt as though I was fighting to be able to continue my life with the things I wanted to achieve.   My first visit to you put me on the right road to recovery.  My anger subsided along with some of the pain.   I am delighted with my improvement which is also observed by others. My memory is also a lot better, I am so much calmer, I have gained weight, and most importantly I have hope for the future.  Thank you so much Jackie Donn

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