I was fortunate to hear about Gill from a friend who had experienced a good result when no one else could help. I had experienced a number of earthquake related injuries including a serious whiplash injury, which contributed to daily migraine headaches. I sought help from my Physiotherapy colleagues but my symptoms were so severe, I couldn’t tolerate any form of treatment. The combination of chronic pain and my poor tolerance to drug therapy interfered with my ability to work. I was working part-time, then spending the rest of the day zonked out on medication. I found it difficult to enjoy my previous leisure activities which included walking, gardening and sewing and I had given up my gym workouts.

I retired from work in March 2013 and started treatment with Gill soon afterwards. Her treatments were incredibly gentle and after a few sessions she was able to treat my head and neck without causing pain. I did not get immediate relief of my symptoms and had 10 treatments in total. I found the sessions very relaxing and over the course of my treatment Gill taught me techniques to prevent/treat symptoms myself and also recommended a course of supplements which I believe also helped in my recovery.

As a result of Gill’s intervention, I have been able to augment my recovery with physiotherapy and decrease my reliance on medication over the past 6 months. I still get headaches and some migraines but I am able to manage them with a combination of specific stretches, Gill’s exercises and medication. However, I once again lead a very full and active life, including 3-4 gym sessions a week and have shed 8kgs along the way! Thank you Gill. Jetje Bullion

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