Ken Mears


Ken couldn't get over how your therapy reduced his swollen ankles - he was able to complete the full week, which was quite amazing considering how hot it was.  Usually standing for a couple of hours in that kind of heat would have blown his ankles, and yet he was able to stand for each 12 hours shift without any difficulty.

Thanks Gill! 

Ken Mears

Tony C


I regularly referee basketball and a few weeks ago I pulled a tendon in my left knee which continued to give me pain that was extremely uncomfortable for several days after I refereed each week  After just one 45min treatment most of the pain had gone. I refereed the next day without any sign of the pain that had been present before. I had Gill do one more treatment to make sure and have been free from pain since (last treatment 3 weeks ago) even though I have run hard several times doing my sport.

Tony Constable

Ian T


I feel the best I have in 7 years.  Not only has my neck pain stopped but my shoulder, and my back.  I feel on top of the world.  I will continue to see Gill regularly.

Ian Thompson

Anonymous Neck and Shoulders


Thank you for the Cranio treatment. I cannot believe how relaxed my neck and shoulders feel. After the first treatment they were more relaxed than I can ever remember them being. Having had the second treatment I feel very at peace - given how things are here in Christchurch right now, that's amazing! Anonymous


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