I decided to try CranioSacral therapy with Gill Redden out of sheer desperation. I have been suffering from ongoing insomnia for at least 8 years, using sleeping tablets most nights just to function in my fairly stressful job. I hated having to rely on medication for what should be, and always used to be, such a natural and restorative thing as sleep. 

I tried many different alternative treatments - acupuncture provided me with some relief - but required weekly sessions,  kinesiology and hypnotherapy provided no success at all. 

After the first 'cranio' session I could sleep without any chemical help at all. I have had 3 of these treatments in the last few months and my sleep patterns have been revolutionized! 

I would recommend Gill's service without reservation to anyone suffering the debilitating effects of ongoing insomnia.  What have you got to lose? 

Liz Hancock

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