Susan Mohammed


I came to Gill for my migraines.  After the 1st and 2nd session, though, I noticed with surprise and delight that my indigestion had subsided substantially. 

Susan Mohammed


Steve Langridge


After your treatment 2 days ago i was floating on cloud 9 and today have been in disbelief that the cranio has worked so well so quickly. Not that i was sceptical at all but i feel as though my body is telling me i should be getting migraines but i'm not getting them. Even last night i pushed the boundaries and watched a movie till 11.30. Big deal you might say but i haven't been able to watch an hour of television or look at a computer screen for months without receiving the dreaded signals that a pounding migraine was on its way thumping away in my temple. 

My experience in your clinic was very relaxing and very educational. Your soothing tone of voice kept me informed of what you were doing and your explanations were succinct. You were right. i did feel like i ws hit by a bus but more like a bus made of pillows as i floated down the road back to work. I did not feel like going back to work but i did manage to and also had to attend an appointment till 730 that night but i was very relaxed and performed extremely well.

I'm drinking plenty of water as well and have cut back on the coffee. my system is thanking you for the advice.

So thanks heaps.

Look forward to another session.

Steve Langeridge

Leanne Neufield


6 days per month cut out and not able to work, lots of heavy medication. My 15 year old had never seen me without the migraines and the pain! I have been in the after hours medical centre 9 hours once and other times for hours. What sort of life was that? And the reduction in income was huge. I didn't know anything else was out there.

I had the bitchiness associated with PMT too - GONE!

Gill hasn't just done cranio of course - her acupressure and other work has been great and I 'do my fingers' also.

But, honestly ladies - try it! Why put up with something when you don't need to.

Leanne Neufield

Leon M


After my concussion I had 8 weeks of minor but persistent headaches, spells of nausea and dizziness. It was especially severe after exercise. After one session with Gill my symptoms had decreased considerably. After 5 sessions I feel I'm able to complete rigorous exercise with no side effects.

I wish that I found out about Gill earlier!  Leon M.

I have suffered from Migraine with aura since I was 3. It has been an absolute struggle throughout my life leading to depression and anxiety. At the end of last year the migraines were more aggressive and happening more often. I was put on many medications Nothing worked. This had me constantly on edge and carrying medication in my pocket waiting for the next attack. I then had a 53Hr migraine. My children and partner were close to calling the hospital. Gill has been nothing short of a miracle for me. From the first time I saw her I instantly felt the difference and I have not had a migraine since that day. I am celebrating 3 months migraine and medication free! My family never thought we would see such amazing results. I really could not be more thankful.   Tamara 

Marg Johnston


My husband heard about Gill and made the appointment for me, saying anything is worth a try, rather than having to suffer with the headaches/migraines.  After two treatments with Gill I noticed an immediate change - to be able to wake in the morning without the feeling of my head going to explode was just heaven.  Now, when I feel the pressure coming on, I use the checklist Gill gave and notice the difference.  It is certainly a treatment I would recommend.

Marg Johnston

Averil Wells

I was suffering from terrible hormonal migraines after coming off medication in 2011 which meant every month my life would go on stand still for 4-5 days until they passed. My husband had met Gill through a business networking group and decided to make an appointment for me to try something different and see if it helped.

Gill has been treating me since December 2011 and I have experienced NO hormonal headaches. I feel like a new women and I no longer have the anxiety that used to creep up on me every month. Not only has she worked on my migraines, she has helped with neck and back pain which I had been also experiencing.

I have no hesitation with recommending Gill. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with, an absolute gem.

Averil Wells

Julie Best

Just wanted to let you know that I have not had a migraine since having the cranio treatment.  Given that periods of lack of sleep usually brought one on, this is amazing because the earthquakes have had meant I’ve had little sleep at times and when I have slept it’s been interrupted or not of the best quality.  In the past I would have had a blinder of a migraine!  Cranio sacral therapy has been a blessing.  Thank, you Gill! Julie Best


Thank you for the Cranio treatment.  I cannot believe how relaxed my neck and shoulders feel.  After the first treatment they were more relaxed than I can ever remember them being.  Having had the second treatment I feel very at peace - given how things are here in Christchurch right now, that's amazing! J


"My 24 hour 7 days a week migraines are now down to but a few. Thank you Gill" - Cate, Christchurch  

George Gower

I've been seeing Gill for 8 wks now. Why ???.... I was getting headaches for about 5 days out of 7, some just annoying, some very painful and once or twice a week it would explode into a full blown migraine. 

Over the years I found I was taking more and more medication, ended up taking 6 -8 panadol, 4-6 Ibuprofen just to get through the day by the time I meet Gill. For the migraines I was given Maxalt Melt to take.

I was also given Anti-depressants to try, beta blockers and muscle relaxants at different times as well. 

After the first visit with Gill I walked out feeling very sceptical thinking this isn't going to work, she didn't do anything.

But, after putting up with my headaches and migraines for near on 10 yrs I was prepared to give anything a go more than once.

That night I had a migraine but the next day the usual hangover was minor.

I stopped taking ALL medication that same week and after the 3 visits over 3 weeks I was not getting the daily headaches.

In the last 5 weeks I've had 1 migraine and a couple of what I would call minor headaches that were annoying at the time but didn't last long.

I still don't know how it works exactly, but what Gill does is working for me.

Eight weeks: NO PILLS, NO DAILY headaches.   

The last five weeks: 2 headaches,1migraine and becoming fewer and fewer as each week goes by.......

Thanks Gill, I've got my life back.  Cheers  George

Helen Lundy

After having migraines for 11 years I decided to try a different approach to them and went to see Gill on the advice of my daughters partner.  I have been having cranio now for a year and have found it to be very beneficial. It is great to go weeks without a headache.  I diligently try and do my "fingers" every day as well.  Her sessions are always very peaceful and relaxing.  The hour goes by much too quickly!  Thanks Gill.  Helen Lundy

Kate Russell

I am happy to report that both the frequency and intensity of migraines has decreased markedly since the treatments I had with you. The feeling of ‘fullness and tightness” I had in my sinuses on the right side is far less now and I feel the treatment has indeed made quite a difference to me.

Kind Regards Kate Russell

Emily Sharpe

I came to Gill for help with my migraines when they started becoming more frequent, and the medication I was taking when one came on wasn't always effective in treating them. I was fed up and it was making work very difficult!

After a few sessions I began to notice a difference- the migraines and headaches became less frequent, and they also responded more quickly when I did take medication/painkillers to stop them.

All in all I felt like I got them back under control.

Gill also has a lot of other advice which can help headaches and migraines and I recommend seeing her if you are sick of living with them! Thanks, Emily Sharpe

Karl L

The difference I felt after each treatment with Gill Redden is remarkable. When I first came to see Gill I was only doing half days at work (afternoon’s doing office and computer work) and my migraines were averaging between 7 and 8 out of 10 in intensity and occurring in the early hours of every morning. Since I have started treatments I have been able to work between 6 and 7 hours most days with a headache intensity of around 3 -5 out of 10. After every session of treatment where Gill has worked on the bones in my head, the position of the pain has shifted around in my head dramatically. Thanks heaps Gill! (Treatments still continuing) Karl L

Jetje Bullion

I was fortunate to hear about Gill from a friend who had experienced a good result when no one else could help. I had experienced a number of earthquake related injuries including a serious whiplash injury, which contributed to daily migraine headaches. I sought help from my Physiotherapy colleagues but my symptoms were so severe, I couldn’t tolerate any form of treatment. The combination of chronic pain and my poor tolerance to drug therapy interfered with my ability to work. I was working part-time, then spending the rest of the day zonked out on medication. I found it difficult to enjoy my previous leisure activities which included walking, gardening and sewing and I had given up my gym workouts.

I retired from work in March 2013 and started treatment with Gill soon afterwards. Her treatments were incredibly gentle and after a few sessions she was able to treat my head and neck without causing pain. I did not get immediate relief of my symptoms and had 10 treatments in total. I found the sessions very relaxing and over the course of my treatment Gill taught me techniques to prevent/treat symptoms myself and also recommended a course of supplements which I believe also helped in my recovery.

As a result of Gill’s intervention, I have been able to augment my recovery with physiotherapy and decrease my reliance on medication over the past 6 months. I still get headaches and some migraines but I am able to manage them with a combination of specific stretches, Gill’s exercises and medication. However, I once again lead a very full and active life, including 3-4 gym sessions a week and have shed 8kgs along the way! Thank you Gill. Jetje Bullion

Nicola Pink

I first went to see Gill at the recommendation of my boss. I was having cluster migraines every 2-3 weeks, and sometimes getting 2-3 in one day.

Having tried all options (medication, CTScan, cutting out certain foods) I went to see Gill. Gill worked on my whole body, not just my head, finding out where my body held all its tension – many places that I hadn’t even known were stressed.
That very first session I walked out of there feeling wonderful and free.
For 7 months I was migraine- free and grateful to Gill for enabling me to live my life again. I then started getting them again so had 1 more treatment. Nil migraines again. Nicola Pink


I had suffered from long term headaches and migraines for about 8 years, these could last up to 10days at a time & as frequently as 1 per month. Nothing seemed to work, and I was worried about the ever increasing amounts of pain killers I was putting into my body. After seeing Gill, the pain has significantly reduced and after 5-6 treatments I was virtually pain free. I now feel as though I have more flexibility and freedom in my life as I am not constantly worrying about when a headache might strike. Thanks, Melissa Buschl
Haven't had a migraine in ages. No menieres flare ups since I saw you! K

Janice Geerlofs


Hi I'm Janice I had a horrific car accident and not long after the accident I started to get migraines. As the years progressed I was getting one, sometimes two migraines a week. Several times I ended up going to hospital by ambulance if I couldn't get the migraine under control.

Gill made me feel very comfortable and has the most amazing soothing voice. I could really feel a movement not only in my head but through the rest of my body as well.

After having about 8 appointments I'm very, very happy to report that for over 3 months now I have been migraine free. Thank you Gill you have a special gift. Janice Geerlofs

Andy Ellis

Gill saw me after I had a couple of concussions playing rugby and I was struggling to get better. She was very helpful and her techniques certainly help with my healing. Slightly different and not mainstream Gills ability to help me relax and move fluid around my body as well as help adjust my neck and head muscles was very good.  I would recommend her to anyone having on going issues.

Andy Ellis  Canterbury Crusaders and AllBlack halfback 

Caroline Judge

I have suffered from terrible migraines since I was 15, so that is for over 40 years now.  Regular as clockwork I would get a migraine on a Friday just in time for the weekend and was also suffering from awful headaches during the week.  Putting it all down to stress with work, busy home life,  etc., the only remedy I ever sought was medication from my GP.   After having 8 or 9 sessions with Gill I can now say that my headaches during the week have diminished considerably.  If I do get a migraine it is easily treatable and the pain is so much less than before.  For me, this has been a great success. Caroline Judge

Sue Steel

After over 4 decades of migraines I decided that I needed to take another course of action to treat them rather than resorting to constant migraine medication. The difference I have experienced in my health since coming to Gill for treatment has been amazing and I have not had a migraine for almost 6 months now – a miracle in itself! Sue Steel

Sally Jefferd

31 YEARS MIGRAINES: Hi Gill, I have waited a while to write to you as I wanted to make really sure! However other than one migraine I have actually been pretty well free of them since I saw you. The occasional not feeling quite so good but certainly not a headache so I am really thrilled. Thank you very much for doing such a good job with me! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Cheers Sally Jefferd


31 YEARS OF MIGRAINES: After attending various sessions with you, also in conjunction with getting my eyes tested and obtaining contacts and also reducing the use of work computers equipment, I have now been free from migraines for 10 months, which is incredible as I have been plagued by constant headaches and migraines for 31 years. I believe the combination of cranio, eye check and reduction of computers have all contributed to this.  PS

Yvonne Hawtin

20+ YEARS OF MIGRAINES: I had suffered migraines for 25 years and had tried much medication. My migraines were 2 per month and even the injections couldn’t keep them away. After my 1st session with Gill I noticed that my migraines started becoming less frequent. After about 4 sessions I realized it had been 3 months, then 6 months without a migraine. Gill had recommended changing my diet. This change plus Craniosacral therapy with Gill really seemed to work. I recommend giving Gill a try especially if nothing else seems to be working. Many thanks Gill. Yvonne Hawtin
(updated after 18 months: stress, lack of sleep and eating poorly might bring a migraine on, so she does Gill’s finger exercises, relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises and the blood type diet to get back on track again).

Alison Argyle

10 YEARS MIGRAINES After years of infrequent, but totally debilitating migraines, I booked an appointment with Gill.  My scepticism was overcome after the first two appointments and a subsequent absence of migraines for three months! Since then I have had regular appointments at about ten weekly intervals and these keep the migraines at bay.  I no longer live in dread of the next migraine which is a wonderful freedom. Gill is passionate about her work,  yet appealingly, allows the results to speak for themselves. Alison Argyle

Jo Henley

I had Cranio Therapy for migraines more than 3 years ago. It’s a very gentle relaxing treatment and after only 5 sessions things improved greatly. Many thanks Gill. Jo Henley

Adrienne Calcroft

Testimonial:  2016 started out as the worst migraine year I've had in a long, long while.  They were more frequent, more severe and lasted longer than ever before.  A family friend recommended Gill after she had had success with migraine treatment herself.  Gill was very friendly and spent a lot of time in the first session talking about home techniques and how she worked, before she actually started the first treatment. Despite this, I left the first appointment, completely unable to explain to anyone what the appointment was all about or what Gill did. What I do know was that Gill suggested 5 treatments and so (after a little coercion from people at home) I went for the initial 5 treatments.  I figured it might just pay off and besides I had nothing to lose. Each session was pretty similar to the first, the only difference was, I didn't (and still haven't) had a migraine since the first treatment (14 months ago).  I truly was a cynic, but I was wrong, and Gill's treatments really do work, I am completely converted.  I 100% recommend Gill to anyone that has experienced migraines. She really has changed my life.  I can’t imagine how many migraines she has saved me from.   Adrienne Calcroft

Cherie Davidson

20 YEARS MIGRAINES  "I had been experiencing bad headaches and migraines for years. They would last for a week or 2 when they occurred and would affect my everyday life. Since seeing Gill Redden I have only experienced a couple of very minor headaches and soon as I felt them coming on I used the exercises that Gill taught me and they went away. One very happy client".  Cherie Davidson

Wendy Evans


I suffered constant headaches for a number of years, also migraines for the last 20 years. The migraines started after I had my first child. I did not know much about CranioSacral therapy but I was very keen to try anything that would ease my headaches. I was also taking excessive amounts of medication. After treatments my headaches and migraines are pretty much gone. They are now few and far between.  Kind regards. Wendy Evans

Marrissa Norton

Since I was six years old, I have been suffering from debilitating migraines and headaches. These constantly disrupted my life preventing me from doing so much.  All I could do was sleep while trying to block out light and noise until I felt better sometimes this would take days. I did everything the doctor’s recommended, not eating certain foods, trying different medications and many other suggestions to no avail. In the end I thought this was something I’d just had to live with until I found Gill. She has changed my life so much for the better. I wish I’d met her sooner. My advice - don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Go see Gill.  Marrissa Norton 

Alex Watson

20+ YEARS MIGRAINES:  I am a fit and healthy, non-smoking 35 year old who looks after himself, eats well and goes to the gym.  I am never off sick from work so you can imagine how frustrating these migraine attacks are when they strike so often and completely without warning.

I have suffered from migraines for most of my life. The first one when I was about 10 years old. For the past few years I have had a cluster of migraines every 3 to 4 months. These would occur for 7-10 days and could include up to 6 severe migraines. I have tried all medication available and nothing has made any difference. There was no relationship with food or lifestyle factors. As the migraines could strike at any time I carried strong pain killers with me. On the onset of a migraine I would have to take pain killers within seconds of a symptom. In doing so I limited the periods of blurred vision, nausea and a horrible dull ache that might last for hours. If I didn’t take the pain killers straight away that pain became almost unbearable and was completely debilitating. The last time I had a migraine I ended up being taken to hospital with stroke like symptoms which was incredibly scary for my wife and family.

Cranio has made a huge difference to my life. Not having migraines is something I am extremely grateful for as I had pretty much come to accept them as a part of life.  Thanks Gill!  Alex Watson

Tamara Pearce

"I have suffered from Migraine with aura since I was 3. It has been an absolute struggle throughout my life leading to depression and anxiety. At the end of last year the migraines were more aggressive and happening more often. I was put on many medications Nothing worked. This had me constantly on edge and carrying medication in my pocket waiting for the next attack. I then had a 53Hr migraine. My children and partner were close to calling the hospital. Gill has been nothing short of a miracle for me. From the first time I saw her I instantly felt the difference and I have not had a migraine since that day. I am celebrating 3 months migraine and medication free! My family never thought we would see such amazing results. I really could not be more thankful."  Tamara Pearce

Di Palmer

Since I was 7 years old I have been a migraine sufferer.  When I was 17 I developed Cluster Migraines and then until 2 years ago my migraines were ever present.  I would lose my sight, vomit occasionally and then be left with a thumping pain over my right eye and the next day couldn't put my head down without the room swimming like a bad hangover! was pretty miserable at that point.  Since the first treatment with Gill I have only had one mild migraine.  I have been migraine free now for 18 months.  Life has changed.  I have gone off the Beta Blockers which has stopped me having low blood pressure which has helped my memory and weight loss.  If you suffer from Migraines, get yourself to changed my life and I hope it does yours.  Di Palmer

Lucy Bennetto

Gill treated my migraine headaches with Cranio Sacral Therapy for approximately six sessions over a period of several weeks 2 years ago. The treatments were very effective and I have suffered relatively few migraines, or significantly less, since then. Although I still suffer from migraines with both chocolate and pre-menstrual syndrome as triggers, Gill’s treatment has definitely brought a lot of relief. Kind regards.  Lucy  Bennetto

Adair Quaife

Migraines Hi Gill, Just a quick note to let you know I have only one bad migraine since I saw you 11 months ago, and that was the first week I started a new job. I have had a couple of sinus headaches, but nothing severe.  Regards, Adair Quaife

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