I went to see Gill after suffering from a variety of concussion systems after suffering a serious head injury playing Rugby. I was unable to concentrate or think with clarity which affected all aspects of my life. My life had become a daily struggle. I felt there was no way I was ever going to return to normal. Gill's expertise gave me my life back. I felt a sense of relief and clarity instantly and this has continued as months have passed. I am now feel happy and healthy and I am so grateful for Gill's fantastic work!  Mitch Alcock

I suffered a serious assault and had been having concussion symptoms including daily headaches, depression fatigue and generally just not feeling myself. I had been prescribed 3 types of medication, seen head and neck specialists and councillors and nothing was really working for me. After having two consecutive sessions with Gill I woke up two days later feeling amazing and finally felt myself, my normal energy was back not to mention I haven’t had a headache since. Thanks so much Gill !  Elliot Adamson

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