Jackie Climo

I saw Gill for a session of CST when I had a viral infection of the inner ear. I was suffering from loss of balance and nausea similar to sea sickness. I felt 75% better when I left after the treatment and the symptoms disappeared completely over the next 3 days. Previously it had taken two or three weeks.

My reflux problem disappeared completely after 3 sessions with Gill. I haven't had any problems with it since.

I have found my regular monthly CST sessions with Gill have improved my overall health. I have almost no headaches from stress or tension and my concentration has improved as well.  We maintain our cars so they don't breakdown but how many people maintain their bodies? Your health is worth a lot more than your car.

Jackie Climo


Leon M

After my concussion I had 8 weeks of minor but persistent headaches, spells of nausea and dizziness. It was especially severe after exercise. After one session with Gill my symptoms had decreased considerably. After 5 sessions I feel I'm able to complete rigorous exercise with no side effects.
I wish that I found out about Gill earlier!

Leon M.

Kay Carr

Recently Gill treated me for my debilitating symptoms of Benign Positional Vertigo.  The treatments were pleasant and relaxing.  Since then my attacks have lessened to the point I have only had one minor attack.  I would recommend her to other people with similar symptoms. Thank you Kaye Carr

Jill Goom


I have recently been to see Gill Redden, mainly for help with migraines but after the first session I quickly realised that I have not had one dizzy spell. I have been getting these attacks constantly for the past year, due to a benign tumour in my right inner ear.  

Three months later they still have not returned. I was unable to lift my eyes upward or bend down without falling over. Currently I am whitebaiting in South Westland and up and down the river bank easily -  though not much whitebait. 

I will still pursue the migraine treatment but am thrilled with the current results.  

Thanks, Jill Goom

Deb Schafer


I initially saw Gill as was experiencing an acute onset of vertigo (felt like I was on a boat) after travelling overseas. It was awful, 24/7 I felt nauseated, off balance, couldn't concentrate and was extremely tired. I saw Gill 5 times over a 2 week period and was over the moon to have the vertigo lessen after each visit and disappear 99% after 5 treatments. The ENT specialist didn’t give me any hope at all. I will be forever grateful that I sought her help. I will definitely be returning for future "maintenance" visits! Cheers Deb Schafer

Rachel Geddes

I have a history of neck issues which started after a series of 'whiplash' events. I was experiencing random, short, dizzy 'episodes' where pressure would build around my neck before experiencing a rush of 'pressure' across my head. After a few seconds things would return to normal. As these 'episodes' were becoming more frequent, i made an appointment with the GP.  He referred me to Gill.  I had 6 sessions with Gill before I really noticed an improvement and haven't had an episode since. A big relief!  Rachel  Geddes

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