Nerve problems

Do you know of anyone with nerve problems?  Here is a lovely testimonial from a mother:  Facial Nerves: My 21 year old daughter suffered a serious head trauma after being hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian. She spent 22 days in ICU and then months of rehabilitation followed.  My daughter had four sessions with Gill over a 3 week period.  After her time with Gill we noticed an improvement in her facial nerves. After each treatment she felt very relaxed and comfortable similar to a massage. Gill gave my daughter some techniques to use to relax and to enhance the healing taking place. We can absolutely recommend her services. I think it's important to keep an open mind and to ensure you try everything that comes your way as we often don't know what we don't know.  ThanksGill. Barbara-Lee

Kirsten Mason-Clemett

I really can’t recommend Gill Redden enough! After being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia at 36 years old, life was quickly going downhill. When the bouts of pain occurred it was unbearable, I would spend the time in tears on my hands and knees until the pain stopped. Sometimes this could last up to two hours. The condition was ruining my life, I didn’t enjoy any of the things I had in the past such as spending time with my friends, walking on a sunny day or being in the garden, cold wind became my worst enemy. I was on very high doses of medication which made me incredibly tired impacting further on my wellbeing and these didn’t get rid of the pain completely either! I felt like a zombie, I couldn’t think properly or function as I did normally.
I was working in a high stress job and becoming depressed and utterly exhausted. After making the decision to take a month of leave to try and get on top of my pain, in sheer desperation I trawled the internet looking for something that might help me. I stumbled across Gill’s name and emailed her. Gill phoned me the next morning and I saw her the following day. My first session was incredible, I found Gill’s manner very calming and the instant relief from the pain was incredible.
For the first time in months I felt relaxed. I continued to see Gill for a few weeks twice a week and things continued to improve, the pain became nonexistent. I see a trip to Gill as a much needed investment for my body. Even if you don’t have any conditions you are aware of it’s the perfect way to maintain our health that we often take for granted. It’s a valuable lesson I have learnt!
Don’t hesitate to see Gill – It’s more than worth it. Kirsten Mason-Clemett

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