After your treatment 2 days ago i was floating on cloud 9 and today have been in disbelief that the cranio has worked so well so quickly. Not that i was sceptical at all but i feel as though my body is telling me i should be getting migraines but i'm not getting them. Even last night i pushed the boundaries and watched a movie till 11.30. Big deal you might say but i haven't been able to watch an hour of television or look at a computer screen for months without receiving the dreaded signals that a pounding migraine was on its way thumping away in my temple. 

My experience in your clinic was very relaxing and very educational. Your soothing tone of voice kept me informed of what you were doing and your explanations were succinct. You were right. i did feel like i ws hit by a bus but more like a bus made of pillows as i floated down the road back to work. I did not feel like going back to work but i did manage to and also had to attend an appointment till 730 that night but i was very relaxed and performed extremely well.

I'm drinking plenty of water as well and have cut back on the coffee. my system is thanking you for the advice.

So thanks heaps.

Look forward to another session.

Steve Langeridge

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"My 24 hour 7 days a week migraines are now down to but a few. Thank you Gill" - Cate, Christchurch