As an eye specialist, once I have investigated fully and cannot find a cause for pain behind the eyes or headaches, I have nothing other than drugs to offer. If you are open minded, consider seeing Gill. She has helped a number of my patients. It is a nice option, especially if you want to avoid taking medication long term.

Dr Jo-Anne Pon, Oculoplastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist

I have recommended a number of my patients to see Gill for their recurrent headaches. Mostly these are patients who have a long history of headaches, some of which have been resistant to conventional medications.  Gill has, with her craniosacral approach, been able to help a number of these patients.  I am happy to endorse her work, particularly for Craniosacral therapy.  

Graeme Bennetts,  General Practitioner, Christchurch

The stats from research on my work with migraine and headache clients for the last 7 years: 90% of people who come to see me for head problems have nil pain (or a lot less pain) after between 3 and 4 treatments.  However I encourage anyone who has not felt a difference even after 4 treatments to still come for a 5th because a significant number of clients have achieved the results they hoped for after that.  



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